At our esteemed hospital, we take great pride in our Neonatology division, which originated within the Paediatrics department in 2012 and transitioned into a dedicated Neonatology division in 2016. Annually, we oversee approximately 250 intramural births and provide inpatient care for about 250 new-borns, along with outpatient care for 600 babies. With a focus on delivering exceptional care to new-borns and infants, our hospital boasts the best specialized doctors in the field of Neonatology, ensuring that every child receives the highest standard of medical attention and support.


Our Neonatal Unit is proud to offer the best infrastructure in the region, ensuring top-notch care for our little ones. Our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced equipment, and dedicated team of healthcare professionals work together seamlessly to provide the highest quality care and support. With a focus on excellence and innovation, we strive to create a nurturing environment that promotes the well-being and development of every new-born entrusted to our care.

Our Neonatal Unit boasts a spacious 2500sq.ft area designed to maintain a Thermo-Neutral environment, ensuring optimal comfort for our patients. With 10 ICU/ HDU beds and both Premium & Economic paying wards, we offer a range of options to suit diverse needs. Our unit is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including 3 mechanical ventilators, Non-invasive Ventilation units (CPAP & HFNC), LED Units, and Multipara monitors. Additionally, we have a dedicated neonatal transport team and ambulance to ensure timely and safe transfers when needed.

To further enhance our capabilities, we have essential equipment such as the MIRA Cradle, transport incubator, neonatal echocardiography, portable USG machine, and portable X-Ray machine. Our infrastructure includes centralized oxygen supply and 24-hour generator backup for all equipment, guaranteeing uninterrupted care. We also have a blood gas analyser, centralized NABL-accredited laboratory, blood bank, and a fully-stocked Pharmacy operating round the clock to meet all medical needs efficiently.


In our Neuro Medicine department, we are proud to offer a centre of excellence staffed by a Neonatologist and 10 nurses who manage all neurological emergencies 24/7. Utilizing a comprehensive range of equipment and tests, we ensure a thorough assessment is conducted before determining preventive and curative measures. This commitment to excellence in care distinguishes us as leaders in our field.


Our Neonatology department specializes in providing advanced care for newborns less than 28 days old and preterm babies born before 37 weeks of gestation. We excel in caring for high-risk newborns, particularly those with Extremely Low Birth Weight (below 1500g), surgical needs, and Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM). As one of the largest neonatal care centres in Palakkad, we are equipped to transport sick neonates from other facilities within a 60km radius. Our comprehensive services include bedside screening, echocardiography, Neurosonogram, and central line insertion. With our top-notch facilities and expertise, we ensure the best possible care for our little ones.


Our hospital is renowned for providing the best facilities and expertise in neonatal care, ensuring that every newborn receives top-notch preventive services and screenings. Our Neonatology department places a strong emphasis on preventive care for newborns, considering it an essential and invaluable part of our neonatal services. We offer a comprehensive range of immunizations and universal screening programs designed to detect various conditions such as hearing loss, hypothyroidism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, critical congenital heart disease, and metabolic disorders in newborns. Specifically for preterm babies, we conduct screenings for conditions like retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), hearing issues, thyroid disorders, and Osteopenia of prematurity.


At our hospital, we excel in providing exceptional lactation and feeding counselling services. We prioritize supporting primigravida mothers and those experiencing challenges with latching, particularly those with a LATCH SCORE<8. Our dedicated team assesses the situation, identifies any issues, and offers personalized counselling to help overcome them. We are committed to ensuring that every mother receives the best possible guidance and support in their journey.


Our hospital stands out as a leader in delivering exceptional care and support to ensure the optimal development and well-being of every newborn and high-risk infant in our care. At our hospital, we provide unparalleled neonatal follow-up services that ensure all newborns are monitored until they reach 1 year of age, after which their care transitions to the Paediatrics Department. High-risk preterm and term infants discharged from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) receive comprehensive neurodevelopmental follow-up until the age of 6, which includes assessments in areas such as development, nutrition, speech and language, and ophthalmology. For high-risk infants, we offer ongoing support through telephonic communication, addressing any issues and providing effective solutions.


Our hospital excels in community outreach services, with our dedicated team of doctors and nurses actively participating in door-to-door vaccination programs and medical camps in the Palakkad area. This commitment to reaching out to the community underscores our hospital's dedication to providing the best care and support to our people's.


  • 24×7 NICU with neonatologist & well equipped tertiary level referral unit
  • Painless Vaccination Clinic
  • Premature and low birth weight baby care
  • Photo therapy & Exchange transfusion
  • CPAP/ HFNC / Mechanical Ventilation & Umbilical venous and arterial catheterization
  • 12 Beds with isolation facilities
  • Parents Counseling
  • Neonatal screening echocardiography
  • Neurosonogram
  • Point of care ultrasound