August 12, 2021 "The Happiness Challenge" project by Amritha TV in association with Nehru group of institutions

Every child is entitled to quality education. In today's times, when education has gone online, it is very essential for the students to possess smartphones, laptops and tablets so as to attend online classes without fail. "The Happiness Challenge" project by Amritha TV is for those students who cannot access online learning. Through the project of Amritha TV titled "E- ക്ലാസ്സിൽ ഞാനുമുണ്ട്", deserving students all across Kerala are being provided smartphones to facilitate their online education. This scheme is implemented by Amritha TV, in coordination with Nehru Group of Institutions. In the function organized as a part of the program, Nehru Group of Institutions was represented by its Chairman, Adv. Dr. P. Krishnadas. During the function, he distributed mobile phones and tablets to all those students, who though excellent in studies, were deprived of online learning in the absence of mobile phone facilities.

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