P.K.Das of Institute of Medical Sciences founded in memory of my beloved father Late P.K.Das who was a great visionary, scholar, educationalist and above all a person who wished to bring quality education to the grassroots level of the society and wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people around him. The Medial College and hospital, Nestled amidst 36 acres of picturesque landscapes near the tranquil banks of the Nila River, the institution boasts an impressive 10 lakh square feet of world-class infrastructure and facilities. Its mission is to uphold the highest international standards in medical education, research, patient care, laboratory services, and pharmaceutical practices. The institute is dedicated to providing innovative, collaborative, and compassionate clinical care that meets the most stringent quality benchmarks.

The Management has taken all out efforts in providing the required facilities so that the students can beam with confidence when they step into our campus and class rooms and pass out with commendable experience and acumen. Under the expert guidance of the Principal, our dedicated team has meticulously refined the course curriculum and developed innovative teaching methodologies. Each aspect of the learning process has been carefully considered and meticulously planned to foster a deep understanding and exceptional competence among our students.