Emergency Care

Emergency Care

The emergency department is the first point of contact for any critically ill patient, needing immediate medical or surgical attention. Our ER is managed by qualified emergency physicians and trained nurses to provide immediate critical care to patients.

    24x7, we are equipped to manage wide range of emergencies:
  • Cardiac Emergencies
  • Neurological/Neurosurgical Emergencies
  • Toxicological Emergencies
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Surgical Emergencies
  • Accident/Trauma Care
  • Disaster Management

Our emergency department consists of triage area, resuscitation area, emergency ICU, major operation theatre, minor procedures, isolation room and observation area.

We have a very well equipped ED with advanced life saving drugs, cardiac monitors, pulse-oximeter, nebulization machine, ventilators and defibrillators.

  • 24x7 Laboratory
  • Radiology(CT/MRI)
  • Pharmacy
  • Blood Bank

We provide ambulances with basic life support facility, advanced cardiac life support facility and ambulances with ventilator facility.