Chairman's Message

Nehru group chairman P Krishnadas
Adv. Dr. P. Krishnadas Chairman & Managing Trustee

India, known for its vast population, boasts the largest number of medical colleges globally, producing highly skilled medical professionals. As guardians of public health, medical practitioners shoulder significant responsibilities in safeguarding, enhancing, and promoting the well-being of individuals. The landscape of medical education has evolved significantly to cater to societal needs and cultivate doctors aligned with community requirements.

P.K. Das Institute of Medical Sciences stands as a tribute to the late P.K. Das, a distinguished philanthropist, academician, industrialist, and the visionary founder chairman of the Nehru College of Educational and Charitable Trust. This institution is part of the esteemed Nehru Group of Institutions, known for setting benchmarks in the education sector and now making strides in medical education. P.K. Das Institute of Medical Sciences, a renowned multi-specialty and general hospital, has made significant strides and successfully launched a state-of-the-art Medical College in the academic year 2014-2015.

P.K. Das Institute of Medical Sciences is not only a premier medical college but also recognized as the best multi-specialty hospital in the region. It welcomes aspiring students to an institution of excellence where they will embark on a transformative learning journey to become knowledgeable citizens of tomorrow and ethical doctors who truly embody value and integrity.

The college's vision is to establish itself as the most reputable and in-demand medical institution by the end of 2020, excelling in research, medical education, and superior patient care. It aims to nurture medical professionals who prioritize patient-centered, evidence-based, and collaborative high-quality healthcare. The mission is crafted with a clear objective to emerge as national leaders in educating and shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals. Additionally, it aims to attract renowned medical professionals, educators, and researchers, fostering centers of excellence in all medical specialties. The goal is to empower students and faculty to pursue their passion for discovery, healing, and health, ultimately enriching lives, making a significant impact, and contributing to the nation's progress.