Director's Message

Dr.R.C Krishna Kumar

PK DAS Institute of Medical Sciences is conceived with the motto of creating tomorrow’s healthcare leaders today. As we all know the field of Medical teaching and patient treatment are undergoing tremendous advancement with each passing day. We have to be in the forefront in harnessing such innovations. Nehru Group of Institutions (NGI) has always been the guiding force of such revolutions in the field of higher education in Kerala and Tamilnadu. So, our institutions are the benchmarks in each of the categories. Recently our sister concern Nehru College of Engineering & Research Centre has been recognized by the Microsoft as the first and their only platinum campus in Kerala.

21st Century is expected to be a century of information revolution. Radical changes are taking place both in technology and in the methodology of teaching. Our late Chariman Shri P K DAS was a strong votary of the force of knowledge and value based education and that is why the moto of NGI is moulding true citizen. He was a true embodiment of knowledge, a great teacher and an extremely eager student till his last breath.

India has always been in the forefront of education. Vedas are the oldest texts known to man. The name Vedas originated from the word vid meaning “to know”. The Vedas proudly proclaimed ‘pragnanam Bramaha” meaning knowledge is God.

India was great till she was receptive to the voices around the world. Now India has a demographic advantage of having the world’s largest youth population. If we want to rise again we have to make use of this youth power, nurture it, so that we might be able to get the old glory back. For this we have to be open and receptive to the changes taking place around the world. We must keep updated about the developments and seize the opportunity as and when it arises. The opening up of the Indian economy has thrown open our windows to the world.

“Anubadraha Karthavyo Yanthu Viswathaha” which means let noble thoughts comes to us from everyside.

P K Das Institute of Medical Sciences is planning to harmonise the time tested teaching system in India along with the modern technologies from around the world. We are aiming to be one of the top most Medical Colleges in India & around the world and to attract students and faculty of eminence from near and far. We are sure that by becoming a member or a student of our Medical College you are entering into one of the best Medical College in the world.